Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure cloud service provides users with access to hundreds of services that you can use to create programs and deploy your own virtual machines and computer networks, as well as databases, file resources, and websites. There is no need to make a large investment to create your own hardware; you pay only for the resources that you need to perform a specific function at a specific time. You can create scalable solutions based on your capacity requirements that are distributed where you need them around the world to ensure the fastest access for your users. Our experts have extensive hands-on experience using Azure services.

Virtual machines

We deploy virtual servers, secure the necessary licenses, and provide access for your users from anywhere in the world. These can be Windows or Linux servers, depending on your needs.

If your business does not require 24/7 access, we will arrange a schedule for the automatic switching on and off of the servers to save on resource costs.

The servers can also automatically increase and decrease their capacity, depending on the load requirements.

Encrypt the data on disks to protect your servers from malware! Comply with all confidentiality rules!

Azure Active Directory Domain Services allow you to combine virtual machines into a domain without the need for a separate domain controller.


In Azure, you can build modern cloud systems using a variety of databases. These can be relational databases such as SQL Server from Microsoft, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB or NoSQL databases such as Cassandra or MongoDB.

All solutions are dynamically scalable.

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with automated migration capabilities.

Virtual computer networks

Combine your cloud resources into high-speed virtual networks and control access with a fully-fledged firewall.

Use VPN protocols to secure network traffic.

Data backup

Back up your data. You can establish the backup schedule yourself, as well as the backup scheme and timeframe.

To ensure reliability, keep backups in geographically remote data centers.

Create cloud backups for your hardware servers to provide remote reserve copies. All backups are automatically encrypted with a high level of cryptographic protection. The encryption key is in your exclusive possession.

Hosting for web applications

Use a hosting service to create your own web solutions or use WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and others.

You can choose the platform: Windows or Linux.

Azure Web App hosting features are automatic scaling and load balancing, as well as global scaling using the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). With high availability and automatic patching, you no longer bear the burden of system administering your servers.

Accelerate your development and keep your applications stable with Azure Web App Service!

Content delivery network

User interaction speed plays an important role in the functionality of your website, smartphone app, video streaming service, or game service.

The Azure CDN features global coverage and scalability and easy setup. Payment depends on usage and region. Global distribution helps you easily deal with traffic spikes and handle large loads.

Use Microsoft Azure CDN to ensure high download speeds worldwide.

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