Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

Microsoft 365 is a unique product that combines the power of all the major user tools developed by Microsoft. See Microsoft 365 home page. 

  • The most widely used set of computer programs in business and education: Office. 
  • The reliable and secure resources of the Microsoft 365 cloud. 
  • Protection against data loss and leakage. 
  • Secure access from anywhere. 
  • Support for all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS). 
  • Compliance with GDPR and other standards. 

Free presentation and consultation

Contact us and we’ll show you the power of Microsoft 365 in practice and advise you on how best to migrate to this software. Take advantage of our expertise to create the optimal information environment for your company!

Cloud migration


We will suggest the optimal structure and rules for processing mail flows. 
We will provide a convenient system for storing and working with documents. 
We will create accounts, groups, and shared mailboxes. 

Mail migration

We will migrate your mail from user mailboxes while maintaining the structure of all mail. 
We will organize the import of .PST files. 
If your company uses MS Exchange or G Suite, it is possible to make the transition centrally while maintaining all rules and user groups. 

Document migration

We will help users upload their documents to the Microsoft 365 cloud. 
We will transfer documents from the company’s server to the Microsoft 365 cloud. 
If the company uses G Suite, it is possible to perform a centralized migration of all documents to the Microsoft 365 cloud. 

Transition support

If you are implementing Microsoft 365 yourself, we will advise and support your IT staff as they migrate work to the Microsoft 365 cloud. 

Smooth transition

We will provide you with a comfortable transition to the Microsoft 365 cloud! No time loss, no data loss, no stress. 

Switching users to Microsoft 365

  • Automated switch to cloud resources. 
  • Instructing users on how to connect to cloud resources. 


Training sessions that introduce users to the capabilities of Microsoft 365 will help them plan how they will work in this new environment. 

Further support

  • Customer support and advice when working with Microsoft 365. 
  • Regular training sessions; presentation of new features. 
  • Help to organize new projects and solve new issues. 

Support and monitoring

User account management 

  • DNS records management. 
  • Anti-virus protection monitoring. 
  • Consulting users when working with mail and documents. 

Learn more about the support we provide: Microsoft 365 management and support. 

Demonstration and consultation 

We are ready to share our experience with you! We will demonstrate the possibilities of Microsoft 365, answer your questions, and offer the best solutions. We’ll help you get started learning and using Microsoft 365 for free.