IT management and support

Our package of services is so comprehensive and of such high quality that it will allow your organization to function effectively without its own IT department. We will take care of all your technical needs so you can focus exclusively on your business.

amblik is your IT department!


You do not need to hire a specialist and provide them with a full-time salaried role and benefits. 


With us, your IT specialist will never get sick, never go on vacation, and never move to another company. If you urgently need more specialists, you do not need to hire them. 


Your IT department will have not only one but several specialists: an IT engineer, a system administrator, an analyst, and a manager working together as a well-trained, well-coordinated team. 


We will immediately respond to any requests and proceed with a solution. A specialized control system helps us effectively allocate tasks and monitor their implementation. 


You can pay a fixed subscription fee or pay for services by the hour. Choose the option that is the most convenient, appropriate, and cost-effective for you! 


We provide a financial guarantee for confidentiality and inquiry response speed. 

Choose what works for you! 

Which is the best option for your IT needs? 

Preferential rate 

Our preferential rate covers an agreed number of monthly IT support hours. If you require additional support, you will pay for the additional hours used. With this option, all our services are provided at a reduced rate.

Fixed fee 

If you have a set budget for your IT spending, our fixed fee option may be the best choice for you. With this option, your expenses do not vary depending on the volume of IT support hours needed and thus the complexity of the issues being resolved. Paying a fixed fee is similar to hiring an IT specialist, but with us, your costs are much lower. 

Support on request 

From time to time, you may have questions or problems that require input from IT professionals. Contact us and we will find a solution for you! 

reduced rate for all services
from 177 € + vat
per month
from 3 hours per month
high priority
more hours - 69€+vat
Fixed budget for IT
base price 69 € + vat
per month
49€+vat per user
high priority
fixed budget - all included
On request
one-time work, consultations
79 € + vat
per hour
all users
standard priority

Support packages 

We have developed support packages for clients who require services on request. Our support packages contain a prepaid number of support hours. This model offers additional flexibility and appeal for our clients. 

To minimize costs, many clients purchase a support package in addition to our preferential rate and use it to pay for additional hours. 

package 10 hours
hour rate: 69€+vat
690 € + vat
package 20 hours
hour rate: 65€+vat
1 300 € + vat
package 40 hours
hour rate: 59€+vat
2 360 € + vat

Free audit and consultation 

The first step is to identify what is important to you, what your information system requirements are, and any other needs. We will advise you on options for solving your issues, tell you how best to ensure the safety and reliability of your systems, and identify the most effective and economical solutions for your unique circumstances. 

Invite us to your place for a free audit and consultation!