Content delivery network

The farther a website visitor is from the server where the website is located, the lower the page loading speed may be. A low loading speed reduces visitor convenience and also negatively affects the indexing of search engine pages. In some areas, the loading speed may be very slow. As well as the distance from the server, this may also be due to content filtering rules and the low technical level of internet channels.

To ensure high download speeds worldwide, the use of a content delivery network (CDN) is recommended. A CDN allows you to place a copy of your website pages in multiple geographical locations, ensuring local content delivery speeds.

We use the Microsoft Azure CDN, a global solution for fast content delivery that provides a superior visitor experience. Learn more: Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network.

Централизованная система распределения контента
Centralized content distribution system.
дистрибуция средствами CDN
Content distribution via a CDN

Access to the Azure CDN is included in our Website Support and Protection package.

Microsoft Azure CDN
Included in the Website Support and Protection package
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Website Support and Protection
Microsoft Azure CDN
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