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Smart status display for your meeting room

Optimize space usage and increase productivity with Amblik Meeting Room

Amblik Meeting Room is our solution for an interactive status display – an electronic device installed at the entrance of a meeting room or conference room. The status display shows the current status of the room (free or occupied) and provides information about scheduled meetings.

The display connects to the Microsoft 365, booking system, ensuring real-time information updates.

Using the display, employees can also book the room on the spot or occupy it immediately with one click.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are often shared among multiple organizations. Amblik Meeting Room considers this usage scenario and offers convenient booking options for employees of different organizations.

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Benefits of Amblik Meeting Room

Madalad juurutamiskulud

Low implementation cost

Avatud lähtekood

Open source

Töötab otse tuttavate kalendritega Microsoft 365 keskkonnas

Works directly with familiar calendars in the Microsoft 365 environment

Technical requirements

Amblik Meeting Room Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

1 x Exchange Online Plan 1

1 x Power Apps per App Plan 

Amblk Meeting Room Tablet

Tablet requirements

Recommended screen size – 10”

Internet connection

Power connection

Android OS – version 10 or higher

Chrome or Edge


How does it WORK?

Status display

The display shows the current status of the room: free or occupied.

Amblik Meeting Room Status

Meeting information

You can see information about scheduled meetings and their duration.

Amblik Meeting Room info

On-site booking

Employees can immediately book the room or occupy it for an urgent meeting directly from the display.

Amblik Meeting Room Booking

Online demonstration

Learn how to set up and use the interactive status display. We will help you get started, answer all your questions, and provide free technical consultation.

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Benefits of status displays for meeting rooms

Implementing status displays for meeting rooms can significantly increase office operational efficiency, simplify the meeting planning process, and improve the overall impression for both employees and visitors.


Transparency and availability of information

Displays can show the meeting schedule for the whole day or for a specific time interval, providing clarity in planning for all participants.

Process automation

Integration with the Microsoft 365 booking system allows automating the management of meeting rooms, reducing the need for manual data entry, and decreasing the likelihood of human errors.


Reducing search time

Quick display of room status and availability allows employees to save time finding a suitable meeting place.

Booking flexibility

Employees can book rooms directly from the display, simplifying the booking process and allowing effective use of resources in case of meeting cancellations.


Improving office appearance

Modern status displays can complement the office interior, emphasizing the innovation and technological nature of the workspace.

Design and development of CUSTOM SOLUTIONS

Amblik Meeting Room is a Microsoft Power Apps, application developed in the Microsoft Power Platform environment.. Microsoft Power Apps provides the ability to develop applications that use online data sources from Microsoft 365, or other sources. Power Apps, allows the creation of business applications and complex work solutions for process automation and productivity improvement.

The Amblik  development team consists of experienced professionals, certified specialists with experience in developing and implementing solutions created in Microsoft Power Apps

We are ready to take your wishes into account and provide you with your version for your business solution.

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